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Business Benefits: Get access to a neutral process of self-assessments and SAP HANA checklists to assure professional decisions at each phase of your HANA Stakeholder decision points, i.e. selecting your SAP HANA HW partner. Plus, Access to workshops that are designed for Business and IT stakeholders.

Executive SAP HANA Self-Scoring

Items in Red represent unique PrideVel solutions

Ask for our ‘Free-of-cost’ and/or Obligation Self-Scoring questionnaire

Other Questionnaires available on demand are:

  1. New-HANA refers to Net-New SAP HANA Installation, i.e. for customers that do not have any current SAP HANA Footprint
  2. Strategy is for planning about HANA, Big-Data and IoT
  3. BW-on-HANA is for BW migration to HANA
  4. Suit-on-HANA is for ERP, CRM,SCM migration to HANA
  5. Support for end-to-end support by partner type

Executive SAP HANA Checklists

Every Pilot uses a pre-flight checklist not because they lack flying experience, but because routinely critical checks can be missed that are proven to lead to predictable disaster.

Normally governance mandates that three vendors participate in any bid, i.e. SAP HANA HW Partner. We provide Scientific Checklists for every phase of a SAPHANA Project. These checklists are neutral and designed to ensure that the selection process is based on proven scientific principles, professional and strategic goals. Sample SAP HANA Checklists are:

  1. New SAP HANA Install Checklist
  2. BW Migration Planning checklist
  3. Suite-on-HANA Migration planning checklist
  4. TCO & ROI for HANA Checklist
  5. HW Partner selection checklist
  6. SW Partner selection checklist
  7. SI Partner selection checklist
  8. HANA Project Resourcing Checklist

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