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Business Benefits: According to Gartner and every institutions there is - IoT and IoE are the biggest disruptive technology disruptions since computing. This is changing the very definition of Products, services and the Industry itself. Plan today on IoT and IoE development, integration and enablement.

IoT (Internet of Things) is step 1 to the new global connectivity. It is the beginning of the new revolution. However, IoT is simply the connection of ‘sensors’ into an analytical platform. From an IoE perspective IoT consists of dumb connections

IoE (Internet of Everything) is Stage 2 goal of all IoT initiatives. Read Michael Porter on IoE for enterprise Competitive Positioning. Read our VP’s interpretation of IoT vs. IoE also read about changing your enterprise to the QSA Enterprise

PrideVel is assisting enterprises plan, design and deploy IoT solutions to develop, build, deploy and operationalize QSA IoE solutions

Our HANA 4 IoT portfolio includes

  • HANA 4 IoT event’s in the US
  • IoT and IoE business stakeholder workshops
  • HANA 4 IoT Design Thinking workshops
  • Plan, Build and Deploy IoT and IoE Smart solutions
  • Add Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive solutions for IoT & IoE

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