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Purpose, Audience and Scope

This document describes the pricing and packaging structure and ordering for the PrideVel SAP HANA TDI support options as presented in the Ambassador call on Sept 10th, 2015 by Drew Iacone and Cisco SAP HANA teams. Two initiatives have been launched in this initial stage.

High Level Options

  • TDI 1- TDI SUPPORT: SAP HANA on UCS end-to-end support for TDI Implementations. TDI stands for ‘Tailored Datacenter Integration’. TDI is the competitive advantage for Cisco UCS for SAP HANA
  • TDI 2- SAP HANA PRE-SALES SUPPORT: SAP HANA Pre-Sales support exclusively for partners that have signed into the PrideVel SAP HANA strategic support program
    Our mutual goal is to move SAP customers to Cisco UCS and not simply focus on selling HANA. The reason is that

    a. Many customers are approaching end-of-life / retiring their existing infra or HW. This number is higher than customers that may be ready to discuss their move to SAP HANA

    b. Once we move a SAP customer to Cisco UCS then their HANA move is assured with Cisco UCS.


Cisco channel partners with an interest in pursuing opportunities targeted at the SAP market segment. Many of the channel partner current customers are existing SAP customers. This program helps partners identify and prioritize SAP customers in a professional and structured manner.
a. Stage 1: Cisco Channel Partners who have undergone the HANA TDI Cisco workshop
b. Stage 2: Cisco Channel Partners (others)

GTM (Go-To-Market)

The PrideVel SAP HANA TDI program is designed with over 20 years of SAP partner experience and providing global SAP customers with technical and business benefit solutions. The program is supported by over 10 years of Cisco services partner experience. This program has been designed, approved and blessed by the Cisco SAP HANA Team. It has further been tested in the field and what we are offering today is a proven methodology that has been tried, tested and resulted in clear wins for SAP HANA TDI solution offerings.

The cardinal rule in this program is the Channel Partner customer SPOC, Single Point of Contact, and their role in every customer facing communication. The programs assures that the customer facing communications will be totally decided by the Channel Partner and their SPOC AE (Account Executives), as to how this service is communicated and represented. Some of our channel partners like the idea of introducing PrideVel as an independent SAP HANA company specializing in SAP HANA services, while others prefer for the program services to work under their paper as a ‘white-labeled’ offer. This decision is left to the channel partners and their SPOC.

The Program Scope

This program is an integrated solution that aligns with Cisco AS & TAC offerings as presented on our Sept 10 webinar. It is designed to make the ordering process simple and transparent. Also because the prices will be made visible on the Cisco URL there is a 20% markup built into the price.

The program does not include SAP HANA licensing that has to be a BYOL (Bring your own license) by the customer

UI and ‘Ease-of-Use’

UI, or User Interface, is extremely important. A great process should be simple to use and easy to understand. The SAP HANA TDI program comes with pre-bundled offers that make it very easy for sales teams and partners to:

  • Quote and book service orders without having to go back-and-forth trying to resolve rates and resources that waste time and demonstrate lack of experience in the offering
  • Spend less time solving administrative, resourcing and pricing problems with this new SAP platform
  • Spend more time with your customers offering them mature SAP HANA services and solutions without having the need to verify your offer and data in closing the deals
  • Enable you to create a sustainable program that aligns with SAP, Cisco and global best practices from the very start.
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