Delivery Leaders for SAP HANA Business Benefit NA leader in TDI for HANA
Owners of BVA (Business Value Attainment)

Your Professional Business Benfits Assurance Partner

Items in Red represent unique PrideVel solutions

Business Benefits:SAP is both complex and simple at the same time. While it is easy to get it right, it is easier to get it wrong. PrideVel works at the Quality assurance oversight for HANA implementations for client project owners. Gartner states that ‘..the methodologies that got us here will not get us there’. PrideVel is your professional SAP HANA Quality Assurance partner.

Our motto remains ‘Plan your work and only then work your plan’

Followed by ‘Plan for Business Benefits and not just a technical install’

Our unique North America SAP HANA services include:

  • SAP & HANA sessions with customer IT and business stakeholders
  • Neutral:-SAP HANA Quality Assurance, TCO Reduction oversight
  • Building the ‘Enterprise Global SAP HANA Methodology’
    1. HANA Standards, Processes & Data Management
    2. Migration Landscape and Architecture
    3. HANA Architecture and Modeling
  • TCO & ROI Calculators (For different alternatives to HANA)
  • North America experts in TDI for SAP HANA for HW build
  • HANA 4 IoE design and deployments (the future of IoT)
  • Lowering SAP HANA TCO via scientific processes
    1. BW-on-HANA (Target 40% reduction, probability 90%)
    2. Suite-on-HANA (Target 40% reduction, probability 80%)
  • A methodology that assures high End User Satisfaction scores

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