Delivery Leaders for SAP HANA Business Benefit NA leader in TDI for HANA
Owners of BVA (Business Value Attainment)

Operational Excellence is a methodology to mitigate Business Continuity Risks

Business Benefits: Operational Excellence ensures mitigation of Risks to IT and Business SLA’s. Operational excellence is about ensuring the right decisions are taken from day one on all things HANA

One half of your HANA success is in understanding your Business Expectations and delivering Business Benefits. The other half is in providing operational excellence. Operational Excellence is about fundamental Basis, Network and Business Continuity solutions.

Without ‘Operational Excellence’ the Risk to business benefits, and more importantly to business continuity increases exponentially

Our Team HANA has been built from the ground up for SAP HANA. We provide Operational Excellence services in the following areas

  1. Highly experienced HANA Basis leads for Oversight or Quality assurance during the initial HANA decisions
  2. HANA Basis leads for all phases of HANA
  3. Documented processes, checklists and audits for HW, Networking, Security, Backup, HA and DR audits and checks
  4. HANA Optimizing expertize for projects not meeting business expectations

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