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Reduce HANA Migration Costs by Over 40%

Items in Red represent unique PrideVel solutions

Business Benefit: Optimization will Increase Quality and decrease Costs via adopting proven scientific methodologies.

Our P.O.V.

  1. You tell us the benefit of accelerating any query from 817 seconds, actual case, to under 2 seconds if business is never going to use it.
  2. …and we’ll tell you why optimizing is a necessary exercise prior to HANA migration

HANA is a business solution and not a technical install: According to Gartner BI reports there is a high likelihood that in 2003 there was over 50% redundant data in every DW, including BW. By 2012 this had grown to70%. All this without entering the world of Big-Data, Streaming data or IoT data. This is our GTM motto.

Our HANA Optimizing options

Proven scientific Solutions
  • N.JOY HANA® - Business Inclusion: Gartner recommends business need to get more involved in HANA decisions. We agree. Our HANA business workshops are designed to assist IT by training business stakeholder to their deliverables.
  • GPS Worksshops: We provide Business and IT GPS workshops with clear deliverables of a strategic charter along with an actionable playbook
  • Fixed Price Migrations: It is very easy to deliver a technical HANA migration. In fact today it is a commodity. Give us your legacy db size and we’ll give you a fixed-price migration offer.
  • 40% reduction in TCO: 40% reduction in BW TCO, resulting in a 40% saving at the time of migration and40% on annual support costs. Turn your $10 million spend to under $6 million. Our last reaction resulted in a 68% decrease in TCO
  • System Mergers: Large companies have often had more than 1 BW. Our solution Architects helped one of the world’s largest SAP BW customer merge 5 global BW instances into 2 BW on HANA instances.
  • Automation: Automation is the lowest cost alternative to achieve highest quality. We have a bundle of SAP HANA Automation tools to quickly provide exceptional solutions, which are mostly impossible manually. Like Automated Cube remodeling for HANA, ABAP optimization for HANA, HANA Cold data migration and change management enablement, etc.

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