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TDI -2: ORDERING Matrix for SAP & HANA Pre-Sales Support

The SAP HANA TDI-2 support program is designed exclusively for Cisco Channel partners that sign into the PrideVel SAP HANA Joint GTM strategic support services program. This structured process has taken over one year of assistance from Cisco SAP HANA leadership along with the key Cisco Channel partners to mature into this ‘Golden Process’ that is very successful in the market. It follows a logical progression or 60 minutes to 4 hours’ meetings, to establish our competence and credibility.

  • SAP Services: Step 1 of the process is to identify SAP customers in your portfolio. This is followed by identifying, prioritizing and then performing a structured approach to the sales motion that has been matured to perfection.
  • GTM add-ons: include customized HANA 101 training for sales, custom HANA handouts and e-brochures that are part of this program and a joint GTM planning for a harmonized sales motion across the channel partner global environment
  • Time to deploy: this support solution can be deployed in as little as one week from initial discussions and not more than 15 working days to launch.

a. SAP HANA Executive Discussion: is the first step in this process that is followed by a scientific process of training and harmonizing the sales play across the Channel partner sales organization. It culminates with a 60-90 minutes structured WebEx workshop with the SAP customer stakeholders. The aim is to establish that the channel partner knows and understands SAP and SAP HANA intimately. The goal is to establish a trusted advisor role.

b.Road 2 HANA Workshop: is the second step in this offering and is followed by the Executive Discussion. It is a half-day, on-site workshop that we recommend that the Channel partner gives for free. However, we have also learnt that when we gave this workshop for free we did not get the right audience into the meeting. Never use the word Free at a customer site. So we propose a $4,000 cost attached to this, with clear deliverables and the AE informing the customer ‘..because you are a strategic customer for us I will try to get this to you for free, but you have to promise all your key stakeholders will be in the workshop.. Or my manager will kill me” approach to get a commitment.

c.SAP Discovery workshop for HANA: is the alternative step that we faced with many customers that wanted other options like:

  1. We are not ready to talk HANA but can you help us migrate our SAP systems to Cisco UCS
  2. We are not ready to talk HANA but know we have to upgrade our HW, Infrastructure or SAP Applications
  3. We are thinking of migrating to HANA so can you help us optimize our SAP systems and lower or initial and annual TCO
  4. Can you assist us do a technical deep-dive into our SAP systems and recommend the best path for moving to HANA

These once again are fixed price Advisory Service offers that are based on the size of the enterprise and their applications as come in a block of two weeks per discovery application.

The delivery of this option is: [1] a strategic charter with line item details of what all needs to be accomplished in their SAP application for an upgrade or migration or both. [2] a risk document assessment with risk mitigation recommendations, and [3] an actionable playbook with executive ROM time and budget estimates for each of the charter line items identified.

The solution alternatives are listed below:

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