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Ordering Guide

Cisco Lead: Contact Ed Higgins ( from Cisco Advanced Services for Cisco-lead Services Offerings (Medium to XL / Complex deployments).

Partner Lead: For Small to Medium Deployments and for Customers / Partners looking for Remote Delivery (vs On-Site), contact PrideVel. PrideVel is looking to sign-up the Cisco DC/TDI VAR’s in advance of deals so they can provide end-to-end proposals to Customer’s with Cisco/Third Party HW+SW, Support, Services. Sales/Business Development is Ravi Pusuluri or Business Solution Architect is Hari Guleria

Sales Positioning

There are two ways to buy SAP HANA. [A] HANA Appliance and [2] HANA TDI - - Our competitive differentiator from Cisco.

There are three types of SAP customers planning to migrate to SAP HANA.

Type 1: Understands that they do not understand the new platform and want the partner to provide full HANA and TDI support.

Type 2: Customers want to do HANA by themselves and know they will need help.

Type 3: Customers think they know SAP HANA and will want to do it all by themselves.

Sooner or later both Type 2 and 3 customers will continue to exist and will continue to find themselves in a corner where they need assistance.

Cisco and PrideVel are focusing on 'de-risking' customer deployments that want to leverage SAP's Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI) rules.

Sales Play: Giving the customer bundled options that range from total Cisco AS support for Day 0 support, and in addition give them the option of bundled solutions like
(i) Total TDI Support for Type 1 customers.
(ii) Bundled SAP HANA Support for Type 2 and Type 3 customers.

Business Value Selling

There are three options to suite the business needs of individual customers:-

  1. Total TDI Support: For customer understanding that they need full TDI support. This is custom as it is based on the complexity of the customer's applications and landscapes and systems
  2. Safe Passage Support: This is designed for a customer who [1] Want to do it themselves and [2] understand know they will need help. This is pre-bundled at 50 hours per quarter, on a use it or lose it basis
  3. Angel Support: This is designed for a customer who [1] Want to do TDI themselves and [2] think they can do it all but might need assistance and comes. This is pre-bundled at 10 hours per month, on a use it or lose it basis

Business Value Selling

TDI 1 Solutions- TDI Support is to use this Ordering guide that can be-referenced directly as the basis of this offer, or go to the landing page of the PrideVel website for the TDI offerings included here.

TDI 2 Solutions – Pre-Sales support: As mentioned by Cisco Custom GTM, Go-to-Market, planning along with Channel Partner customized solution brochures can be made available to partners who sign up with PrideVel for the TDI 2 level solution offers.

Validity And Contacts

Validity: The prices in this Ordering Guide are valid till June 30th, 2016.
Ravi Pusuluri - Business Development.
Hari Guleria - SAP & HANA Business Solution Architect.

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