Delivery Leaders for SAP HANA Business Benefit NA leader in TDI for HANA
Owners of BVA (Business Value Attainment)

These ‘HANA Game Changers’ come from only one fact - experience

Items in Red represent unique PrideVel solutions

Business Benefits: One of the rarest skills in SAP HANA is experienced resources with optimization skills. Team-HANA at Pridevel has been built from the ground up for SAP HANA. We not only implement HANA we routinely fix HANA issues others could not.

Our unique HANA offerings are:

  1. Optimize: Automatic tool based Optimization of SAP apps prior to migration; Automatic InfoCube optimization for HANA; Automatic ABAP recoding for HANA; Post production optimization in HANA; Unique change management capabilities in HANA Cold
  2. RBS® Rapid Business Solution: Pure Business Benefit Focused HANA methodology to deliver 100% custom HANA solutions as a Fixed Price Service
  3. HANA TDI: Build, certify and support for lower TCO and strategic business excellence
  4. IQDCT: *Increase Quality, Decrease Cost, decrease Time in every HANA migration
  5. Reduce Costs: Proven methodologies to reduce HANA costs by over 40%
  6. Post Production Optimization: Optimizing HANA after production go-live

Our motto is ‘Plan your work and only then work your plan’

Unique North America leadership in Business Focused HANA:

  • HANA Business Executives and GPS workshops for business benefits
  • Business Focused HANA workshops for Business Stakeholders
  • Identify business case and build IoT solutions on HANA
  • HANA 4 IoE design and deployments (the future of IoT)
  • TCO & ROI Calculators (For BoH and SoH initiatives)
  • North America experts in TDI for SAP HANA
  • Lowering SAP HANA TCO via scientific processes
    1. BW-on-HANA (Target 40% reduction, probability 90%)
    2. Suite-on-HANA (Target 40% reduction, probability 80%)
  • Proven methodology that assures high End User Satisfaction scores, from current 30% percentile(Gartner report) to above 80%

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