Delivery Leaders for SAP HANA Business Benefit NA leader in TDI for HANA
Owners of BVA (Business Value Attainment)

Rapid Business Solutions

Items in Red represent unique PrideVel solutions

Business Benefits: Over 70% of every DW and BI projects on the planet fail to meet business expectations. Our methodologies have consistently delivered high user satisfaction scores 20-25 weeks after go live. Demand Business-Benefits from the start

RBS®: Rapid Business Solutions: One of the only ways to guarantee exceptionally high ROI and User Satisfaction is our RBS methodology. RBS delivers 100% custom business solutions for discerning customers. On one side are generic SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solutions) that are quick to deploy but often very generic. Our RDS solutions and planned, designed and built along with business stakeholders. It is a RBS-as-a-Service offering with fixed time, cost and clear deliverables identified by day 5ofthe program. We routinely deliver this in 18-24 weeks. When was the last time you got any SAP production ready solutions in 20 weeks?

Design Thinking: The proof of installing any new technology is the business benefit it provides. We bridge the gap between Business Benefits and Technology with our unique ‘HANA Design Thinking’ Workshop. Our motto has consistently been to deliver business benefits. Our process called BVA or Business Value Attainment delivers just that. According to Gartner ‘Fewer than 50% of BI projects meet business expectations’. We have delivered BI projects with end user scores in the upper 80 percentile 18-20 weeks after go-live. When was the last time you took anything SAP to production in 20 weeks?

Business Benefit Assurance
  • Design Thinking starts with a brief 2 hr workshop with your business and IT stakeholders, to define our zero-baseline starting point.
  • In less than three days, sometimes in a day, we identify a handful of business opportunities that would deliver high business benefits
  • After that it is a matter of priorities, designing, realization, testing and Go-Live
  • This methodology guarantees exceptionally high user satisfaction scores

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