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Owners of BVA (Business Value Attainment)

Strategic Planning for SAP HANA

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*BVA = Business Value Attainment

Business Benefit: With strategy every tactical task will be aligned towards a long term goals, all developments follow common standards and processes. Strategies ensure every development becomes a re-usable assets towards a common goal

Strategy is the long term alignment of tactical decisions. The strategic horizon for a diamond mining company will be very different from that of a semi-conductor manufacturer. The strategic horizon of the former is 150 years whereas of the latter often 6 months to a year. Strategic HANA considerations are no different.

Strategic Business Benefit Focus

Some strategic considerations (Tips and Tricks)

  • Lowering SAP HANA TCO via proven scientific processes
    1. BW-on-HANA (Target 40% reduction, probability 90%)
    2. Suite-on-HANA (Target 30% reduction, probability 80%)
  • External validations: what Gartner; Forrester; IDC and other say about Big-Data, BI, Analytics, IoT and its impact on HANA decisions
  • Business Inclusion: Should business stakeholders be involved with HANA Decisions. Ask for our 2+2 hour HANA Business Workshop
  • Business expectations vs.IT ownership: Aligning business ‘destination’ expectations with IT ‘Current State’ reality with our HANA GPS workshops
  • Global Alignments: The impact of Standards, processes and global HANA Methodology on SAP HANA Roadmap; Business Strategy and expectations and how HANA is deployed today
  • Alternatives 1: Oracle Essbase and Exalytics or Teradata or SAP HANA
  • Alternatives 2: Alternative of HANA –when and what: Stand-Alone, Side-Car, BoH, BW Enterprise, EoH, ECC on HANA, CRM on HANA , SCM on HANA and now S/4HANA. Actionable roadmap
  • TCO & ROI: Get maximum business benefits and quality at the lowest Cost
  • Optimize or move ‘As-Is’: Move to HANA ‘As-Is’ or optimize first
  • Cost benefit analysis of Optimization: What do companies gain by optimizing

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