Internet of Things

Transform your business with connected things


PrideVel will help you transform your business by using leading technologies to connect your assets and mine this data for effective processing to bring in operational optimization. PrideVel is your partner to jump start your industry 4.0 revolution and to take you all the way. We understand that each business is unique. Hence, our solutions are technology agnostics and custom designed to suit your unique requirements.

PrideVel IoT Services

PrideVel works with all major IoT platforms, communication, and hardware vendors to build solutions specifically to meet needs of their customers.

Outcome driven engagement

We understand that IoT can be a transformation process for businesses. We work with you to identify business objectives that you would like to achieve by connecting your factories and machines to internet.


We assess your assets, identify use cases and low hanging opportunities where IoT prototyping would help you simulate a real use case quickly.

Test and refine

Evaluate the pilot results against the set objectives and refine and iterate as required.

Business goals & roadmap

Create detailed business goals and implementation roadmap based on the results achieved by the pilot implementation.

Solution building


We assess your facility, and processes to identify critical machines, assembly lines, and processes which could benefit from IoT.

Data collection

Identify special hardware and sensors required to be installed to capture relevant data points. We also identify connectivity requirements for SCADA, DCS, PCL.

Network assessment

Study existing network connectivity in your facility and recommendation appropriate wireless, wired, or cellular network.

Blueprint solution

Build a blueprint of the proposed solution based on the information gathered. The blueprint typically includes the data elements of interest, the flow of data as well as the tools, and technology required to build the solution.

Build, deploy, and evaluate the solution

Depending on the scope of project the build and deployment can either be in one go or over multiple iterative cycles. After deployment, we evaluate the solution and provide suggestions for improvements.

PrideVel IoT Solutions

PrideVel's IoT solutions help our customers reduce time to market and obtain immediate cost benefits.

Food supply chain

PrideVel's Internet of Things (IoT) solution for food chain minimizes food losses caused by non-optimal food chain processes and management by monitoring relevant environment variables affecting food while it is stored in warehouses as well as in transit. The solution also seamlessly integrates with your ERP system to help you link your orders, inventory, warehouse, and distribution centers.

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Asset tracking

PrideVel's RFID based asset tracking solution tracks product that is being assembled as well as parts to be installed in the product. It also collects and analyzes important assembly line performance metrics to optimize the assembly line operations.