SAP cloud migration

A report from Bloor Research recently found that more than 80% of data migration projects run over time and/or over budget, cost overruns average 30%, and time overruns average 41%. Gartner has found that 80% of organizations will underestimate the costs related to the data acquisition tasks by an average of 50%.

  • Customer’s key challenges in SAP system migration involve:
    • Migrate data on time and within budget
    • Coordinate IT and business goals for data migration
    • Address data quality issues during migration
    • Mitigate gaps between available source data and target data requirements
    • Consolidate data from multiple sources and integrate dissimilar data
  • PrideVel's SAP migration services addresses the challenge amicably by:
    • Offering fixed cost migration services, eliminating the major cost overrun challenge
    • Proven methodology and proven track record of having migrated hundreds of SAP systems over past several years
    • Certified SAP migration consultants, a must for SAP to warrant the migration

Three phased approach

It all starts with migration of the “proof of concept” test system. The PoC migration process involves performing a test migration of the production environment to the target platform and applying all fixes required to prepare for migration of the other systems in the landscape. It is during this phase of the project that the key business processes and interfaces are tested to ensure operability and that the functionality works correctly.

If there are fixes required due to OS/database platform changes, they are implemented and tested during this phase of the project. If there are other non-SAP components like Job Scheduling, EDI, Tax software (Vertax/Taxware/BSI), Output Management, Faxing and Monitoring/Capacity tools requiring migration as well, these need to be carefully researched and planned for during the migration. PrideVel has deep understanding of SAP bolt-on systems and their migration along with SAP OS/DB migrations.

As an SAP solutions provider, PrideVel offers
  • Proven Business Solutions
  • Cost effective and Upgrades
  • Production Support and Maintenance
  • Strategic Relationship
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Mutual Trust
  • Industry best practices
  • Increased customer satisfaction
PrideVel is currently providing at no cost and no oligation on a trial basis

We invite SAP customers to use our state of Art infrastructure to try if the approach is right for them or not

Non-production migration

After the “proof of concept” test system is migrated and the technical functionality of the system has been proven, all systems in the landscape will be migrated. Throughout the process of migrating additional systems the processes are refined to streamline and ensure success during the cutover of the production system. Before we proceed to the Go-Live phase, we make sure we provide complete documentation on process and procedure for the migration and we receive full customer approval. Key aspects that we address during this phase include:

  • Mixed landscape support – especially import for Change Management and transports
  • Pre-go-live check certified by SAP
  • Comprehensive test cycles and preparing for cutover of Production system

Production migration

In this phase the migration of the production database and all dynamic data of SAP Production systems, interfaces and add-on systems are carried out. All changes and fixes are applied based on previous migration cycles. The functional team checks the system to ensure it is operating correctly. Once agreement that the system is operational the system is released to users. PrideVel team will assist customer with post-go live tuning. After going live with target production system, we schedule post go-live migration check with SAP support and assist with implementing recommendations from SAP support. We guarantee the following as part of this cutover:

  • Overall system state
  • General system information (software versions and so on)
  • Monitor important system resources that include the amount of available memory, CPUs and storage space is displayed as well as the used amount of these resources
  • Monitor all services belonging to your system that are running and completely operational without any interruptions whatsoever


We provide services to organizations whose wish to use Cloud as a service for their SAP systems migration. To provide the most recent supported Cloud release so that you can experiment with the new features available or to run as a development or production solution. As a part of this we:

  • Maintain your cloud infrastructure
  • Maintain systems on your cloud
  • Coordinate strategy and solutions of systems migration on your cloud

Comprehensive migration support

  • Project Management
  • Coordination with SAP support
  • Hardware/OS/database selection
  • Technical support
    • Change Management
    • System Tuning
    • Execution of migration activities
  • Bolt-on system migration
  • Backup strategy and implementation
  • Business Continuity and Disaster recovery tests on new platform
  • Post-migration support

Try our services for POC to see how your business will perform under a new landscape. POCs include:
  • Trial Sandbox Migration
  • Try it before you buy it
  • Use our cloud infrastructure
Our SAP migration services come at
Fixed cost