PrideVel SAP HANA Services

PrideVel offers solutions and services around SAP BW, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, and SAP Anylytical Tools such lumira and SAP migration, transformation services and rapid business solution to speed the transition to a SAP HANA in-memory database platform. Our business benefits driven HANA Game Changer processes and the use of our proprietary tools helps us lower the migration cost by around 40%.

PrideVel SAP HANA Game Changer

We see SAP HANA as a strategic business tool and not a technical install. Our unique SAP HANA offerings are,

  • Optimize: Automatic tool based Optimization of SAP apps prior to migration; Automatic InfoCube optimization for HANA; Automatic ABAP recoding for HANA; Post production optimization in HANA; Unique change management capabilities in HANA Cold
  • RBS® Rapid Business Solution: Pure Business Benefit Focused HANA methodology to deliver 100% custom HANA solutions as a Fixed Price Service
  • HANA TDI: Build, certify and support for lower TCO and strategic business excellence
  • QDCT: *Increase Quality, Decrease Cost, decrease Time in every HANA migration
  • Reduce Costs: Proven methodologies to reduce HANA costs by over 40%
  • Post Production Optimization: Optimizing HANA after production go-live

HANA Design Thinking Workshop

We bridge the gap between Business Benefits and Technology with our unique 'HANA Design Thinking' Workshop. Our motto has consistently been to deliver business benefits. Our process called BVA or Business Value Attainment delivers just that.

Business Benefit Assurance

  • Design Thinking starts with a brief 2 hr workshop with your business and IT stakeholders, to define our zero-baseline starting point
  • In less than three days, sometimes in a day, we identify a handful of business opportunities that would deliver high business benefits
  • After that it is a matter of priorities, designing, realization, testing and Go-Live
  • This methodology guarantees exceptionally high user satisfaction scores